Hosts as Network Weavers

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‘A Network Weaver is someone who is aware of the networks around them and explicitly works to make them healthier (more inclusive, bridging divides). Network Weavers do this by connecting people strategically where there’s potential for mutual benefit, helping people identify their passions, and serving as a catalyst for self-organizing groups.’

Vanessa’s blog ‘Emergent by Design’ is amazing at describing what hosts do. See here.


Repeated Games as a Condition for Reciprocity

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Looking through Geraldine’s books at her flat in Kennington I came across one called ‘Game Theory, A Very Short Introduction’ (Oxford University Press, 2007). It instantly called my attention as a follow up to the one I bought some months ago about Finite and Infinite Games that taught me a lot about the infinite nature of the hosting paradigm or ‘game’.

Reciprocity has always been regarded as the mainspring of human sociality. This theory offers some insight into the nuts and bolts of such self-policing understandings. ‘In a one-shot game Alice can’t promise to scratch Bob’s back tomorrow if he will scratch her back today, because we have implicitly assumed that they are never going to meet again. The simplest setting in which reciprocity can arise results in the same players to play the same game over and over again.’

This re-enforces the idea that if you know you’ll stay in relationship with somebody or a group of people they are more likely to contribute – cooperate- collaborate. Because if they don’t…there will be punishment! The Game Theory book says that ‘The threat of punishment is intrinsic to reciprocal cooperation ‘if Alice tells Bob that she will scratch his back if he will scratch hers, the implication is that she won’t scratch his back if he won’t scratch hers. People don’t usually provide a service unless they expect to get something in return. If the service isn’t reciprocated, then it will be withdrawn. Sometimes, a disservice will be offered instead.’

It’s great to begin to understand more about the conditions in which people give their best for the common good which directly benefits them too. There are more ‘rules’ than we generally think are and they can be of great help when building communities and networks and the way their members interact with each other.

La comunidad del Art of Hosting

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Para la comunidad del Art of Hosting, el rol del host esta más bien dentro de un espacio delimitado por la duración de una reunión o evento, incluyendo su preparación y evaluación o cosecha. Es el arte de convocar y facilitar estos encuentros creando las condiciones adecuadas para las conversaciones sean auténticas y significativas. Esta comunidad practica la utilización de herramientas y métodos como el círculo, el World Café, Open Space y la Averiguación Apreciativa, pero sobre todo se basa en principios adecuados para el trabajo en conjunto.

Ensayo en desarrollo

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Espacios de Transformación Social

Este ensayo explora la práctica de la hospitalidad en la creación de espacios para la transformación social. Aboga el rescate del concepto y práctica de la hospitalidad en la creación de espacios que invitan e impulsan a las personas a realizar iniciativas para el bien común.

Este escrito esta siendo editado ahora mismo así que si tienes comentarios y contribuciones por favor escribe ya nomás.

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